Injections of muscle relaxants

Do you want to reduce a few fine lines on your face for a healthy glow? Would you like to look less tired and look a few years younger in just a few minutes?
Discover muscle relaxant injections!

Aesthetic cabinet – Didier Jehin – Muscle Relaxing

The injection of muscle relaxants, such as botulinum toxin, helps to reduce the expression wrinkles that form as a result of muscle contraction.

By injecting muscle relaxants, your muscles will gently relax and you will look relaxed. The treatment lasts only a few minutes.

Dr. Jehin guarantees you a 100% natural result. Your face does not look frozen or expressionless. The injections are carried out in different parts of the face including the gabelle, the eyebrows and the forehead.
During this treatment, it is not necessary to put the area to be treated to sleep. It is painless. A slight tingling may be felt for the most sensitive patients. Other areas can be treated on the face such as eyebrow lift, rabbit wrinkles, nose tip lift, corner of the mouth lift, lower chin, bitterness folds, Nefertiti lift, Gummy smile.

The effects of the muscle relaxants are quickly visible. After 3 to 5 days, the first results appear. The final effect is obtained after 10 to 15 days.  The result usually lasts between three and six months, depending on the patient. It is therefore advisable to repeat the treatment after this period.

Prices – Muscle Relaxers

The rates depend on the parts of the body to be treated and the number of zones.


check-mark 1 normal zone (forehead, frown line or crow’s feet) – 100 euros per zone

check-mark 1 small area (eyebrow lift, fine lines above the lips or areas near the nose, chin, corner of the mouth or gummy smile) – 60 euros per area.

check-mark 1 large area (nefertiti lift – along the jaw or chewing muscle) – 150 euros.

check-mark Underarm perspiration – 400 euros (2 bottles)

check-mark Migraine or tension headake – 450 euros.

For more information on muscle relaxants or to make an appointment for a free quote with Dr. Jehin, please contact us.