Aesthetic treatments

Do you wish to have several areas of your body removed by laser? Are you looking for an aesthetic cabinet for a superficial or medium peeling not far from Brussels, Namur, Liège and Wavre?
Our aesthetic cabinet in Tielt-Winge welcomes you.

Aesthetic cabinet – Didier Jehin – Other services


In addition to our liposuction , wrinkle filling and muscle relaxation services, we also offer various laser treatments, including those for varicose veins, fine lines, acne and dermatological lesions.
Discover our other aesthetic services:

Laser (treatment of acne, couperose, scars, stretch marks, pigmentation spots, skin rejuvenation, wrinkles and fine lines and many other dermatological problems)

The laser is the ideal solution for many dermatological problems. At Dr. Jehin’s aesthetic cabinet, you can have your pigmentation marks treated with laser, have your hair removed or have your tattoo removed.

The laser is used in many situations :

check-mark Vascular problems,

check-mark Couperose,

check-mark Rosacea,

check-mark Scars,

check-mark Varicose veins,

check-mark Stretch marks,

check-markTattoo removal,

check-mark Treatment of acrochordons,

check-mark Pigmentation spots,

check-mark Fine wrinkles,

check-mark Enlarged pores,

check-mark Improvement and rejuvenation of the skin.

We carry out final laser hair removal in our office. You will feel no pain, just a little warmth on the chosen area. We treat both men and women. The areas treated are as follows:

check-mark Face – Eyebrows, upper lip, beard, chin and moustache,

check-mark Underarms

check-mark Bikini small or large

check-mark Arm – Upper arm, forearm, full arm and shoulder

check-mark Back

check-mark Leg – Calf, thigh and full leg.

Dr. Jehin has numerous lasers at his disposal for your treatments. He will advise you and choose the method best suited to your needs during your first appointment.

Tension wires

Resorbable tensor sutures are a method used in aesthetic medicine to achieve a natural facelift without the use of surgery. They are used to tighten certain parts of the face or body to stimulate the production of collagen. The threads consist of L-polylactic acid (PLA) or Polydioxanone (AOP).
There are 2 types of yarn:
-PDO yarns (smooth yarns)
whose main effect is related to the stimulation of collagen production.
-Tightening threads (notched threads)
You get a natural result on slack skin with fine lines and wrinkles .
Treat sagging skin easily with the help of absorbable tensor threads. Ovals, jowls, bitterness folds, nasolabial folds and cheekbones can be treated.
The results are visible for about 12 to 18 months. Ask your aesthetic doctor in Tielt-Winge, Dr. Jehin Didier, for advice.


Sclerotherapy helps to reduce your varicose veins and the vessels that feed them. A sclerosing product is injected into the veins of the lower limbs and under the effect of this product your varicose veins will retract. This phenomenon is called: the sclerus. The final results are visible after a few weeks.
1 or more sessions are necessary depending on the varicose veins and the desired result.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Do you wish to have a rhinoplasty performed? Discover the non-surgical rhinoplasty proposed by Dr Jehin Didier in our aesthetic centre in Tielt-Winge. Today, it is possible to shape your nose thanks to injections of botulinum toxins or hyaluronic acid. This non-invasive and reversible method makes it possible, for example, to hide a bump on the nose or to reduce impasto nostrils.

The operation lasts only a few minutes and is performed with or without local anaesthesia. The product is injected with a micro-needle and then shaped according to the defect to be corrected. The results obtained have a limited lifespan, unlike conventional surgical rhinoplasty.
Not all defects are erased with this type of procedure, but a large number can be corrected. For some defects, invasive rhinoplasty is necessary.
Ask your aesthetic doctor for advice –  Dr Jehin Didier.

Superficial peeling (glycol) and medium peeling (TCA)

To remove sebum from your skin as well as cellular residues, opt for a superficial peel with glycolic acid. The fruit acids contained in the product will boost cell renewal to allow the elimination of small scars, superficial spots and other micro-wrinkles. An ideal technique for a guaranteed healthy glow!

Au sein de notre cabinet esthétique non loin de Bruxelles, Liège, Namur et Tirlemont, nous proposons également le peeling au TCA. Il s’agit d’une exfoliation complète de la peau du visage jusqu’au derme. Ce peeling permet de réduire le vieillissement solaire, les ridules ainsi que certaines cicatrices. Une légère douleur peut être ressentie, une crème anesthésiante peut alors être appliquée avant le traitement pour atténuer cette gène. Il est toutefois recommandé de respecter certaines précautions, comme se protéger du soleil ou ne pas faire d’UV avant le peeling.

Vampire Lift ( for the face)

This technique allows to have a good look after more or less 6 weeks thanks to the injection of a plasma rich in platelets (can also be used for hair regrowth). The principle is slightly more complex than hyaluronic acid injections.
Several treatments are recommended to obtain a better result.

The blood is collected during a blood test. The aim is to extract only the growth factors. The injections are performed in several places on the face by Dr. Jehin. A technique that is widely used by stars all over the world.


Transpiration abondante au nveau des aisselles, des mains et des pieds. Grâce au traitement par acide botulique, vous constaterez une grande diminution de votre transpiration. Les résultats durent entre 4 et 6 mois selon la personne et la zone à traiter. Ce traitement est à renouveler dés que les problèmes de transpiration reviennent.

Migraine treatment

This treatment is useful for migraines and other headaches such as those related to stress. The botulinum toxin is very useful and will allow you to see clear improvements. Of course, the effect is not the same in every patient.

It is interesting to use this type of treatment when you find that the so-called “classic” drugs do not have much effect. The results last between 4 and 6 months.

If you would like more information about sclerotherapy, peels or other services offered by our practice, please contact us.